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    Help – I’m trying to establish the earliest use of a Wesley cover, with or without WCS logo, in Papua New Guinea.
    The 1958 – 60 issue ie.SG.18 – 24, issued 2.6.58 seems to be it. However I have a Wesley Covers not showing the logo, with an earlier issued stamp SG.16, but with a later postmark ie.13th.Dec 1959.
    Wesley cover are known to have be…[Read more]

  • Maybe a bit out of field here but:-
    Not knowing or having any reference books on Sydney N.S.W postmarks, I’m trying to establish a date span for the usage of the postmark below. As can be seen the actual date is unreadable. These Papuan New Guinea stamps were issued 29th.Jan 1957.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Mike, I seem to be having problems getting a reply to you via PPS email me direct sidneydikea at gmail.com with your address and I can get the cover on it’s way to you.

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    Mike, So sorry for the late reply – my wife has some serious medical conditions so have been running around looking after her. Do you have any PNG covers with the 1991-93 Bird of Paradise issues, we could do an exchange of some sort.
    Once again sorry for late reply,

    • Sid,
      Sorry to hear about your wife, I hope she’s doing OK now?
      I have one FDC of that series, dated 2.9.92, with the 5t, 40t, 50t and K1 and K2 stamps on it. I also have one from the Hong Kong 94 with the strip of stamps of 40t, K2, 50t and K1 with the Hong Kong 94 cinderella in the middle of the strip, and also one of the Small Birds series from…[Read more]

  • mike trying again to show scan — if not email me direct and I will send you a scan.

  • Mike I know it’s long after you posted but only just read your post. Is this cover of any interest — the wording is not the same.

    Ps I can not get the scan to upload will try again later.

  • The seals/wax impressions I have came from a person who lived on Woodlarks
    post WWII. I never felt that these were from the 1900’s era as they appear
    too new and the paper is not that old.

    Kainnikanada kindly replied to my query as shown below:-
    “I believe the two examples you’ve posted are identical to the
    non-contemporaneous strikes provided m…[Read more]

  • A PPS member (a friend) and I are entering into an exchange agreement. We know the value of his item but both of us are stumped as far as a fair value for the BNG wax postal bag seals as shown below. One is of Woodlarks and the other Baniara. Any help with valuation would be greatly appreciated.